Playing Alchemy Adventure

Alchemy Adventure was released on 6th of June, 2014 as a part of v7.1. The game is fairly standard match-three fare, with a few twists on the usual formula.  In this game, players create rows or columns of at least three same-type elements found on the Periodic Table.  All six groups from the Table are included in the game, each with its own color and shape.

In a fairly unique twist, each tile also displays a chemical symbol for a specific element, each one accurate to the group that element is found in.

The game can be played at anytime by entering the Science Lab at the School, the same building where labs for quests are done.  If you attempt to enter the lab while you are currently on a step in a quest that requires using the lab to run an experiment, a prompt will appear asking if you wish to do an experiment or play Alchemy Adventure.

Special CombosEdit

H+H+O: Water.  Drag this special tile to a new location to clear the whole row you place it in.

C+O+O: Carbon Dioxide.  Drag this special tile to a new location to clear the whole column you place it in.

Na+Cl: Salt.  Drag this special tile to a new location to clear a 3x3 grid, with the salt acting as the center of said grid.  Any water, carbon dioxide, or other salt tiles with in the cleared 3x3 grid will be triggered.


Terrible Terrors Booster:  Summon the Terrible Terrors to assist you.  The Terrors come in the six colors of the elemental group tiles and will destroy all tiles that match their color.

Deadly Nadder Spikes Booster: Fire Deadly Nadder spikes to blast five random element tiles on the board.


Deadly Nadder power-up

Theses boosts can be purchased before the start of the game or at the Trading Post.  Within the Trading Post, both item are found in the Dragon Store > Consumables tab, where both items refer to the game as "Element Match" in their descriptions.  The Terrible Terrors Booster costs 7 gems and the Deadly Nadder Spikes Booster costs 5 gems.

Terrible Terrors Boosters can also be found in surprise chests costing 90 coins and battle event Event Failure mystery chests.  Deadly Nadder Spikes Boosters can be won from battle event Silver mystery chests.

Scoring (Online and Downloaded versions)Edit

For every tile matched a player will earn 50 points, with a basic three-tile match giving 150 points will a five-in-a-row match will award 200 points.

The UDT prize is always 20 points.

Score Dragon Bonding XP Adventurer XP Coins
0-999 30 5 5
1,000-4,999 48 8 10
5,000-9,999 60 10 15
10,000-14,999 72 12 20
15,000-19,999 90 15 30
20,000-24,999 108 18 40
25,000-29,999 120 20 50
30,000+ ? ? ?
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