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Valka: "[Your Viking's Name], it's so good to see you. I came across a certain wild dragon that once belonged to my husband Stoick. Thornado wasn't looking healthy. I tried to take a look at him but he took off before I had a chance to get close. He seems to be just as stubborn as my love was.

Can you help me find him? I think he's still in Berk somewhere."

1- Find Thornado in Berk

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Valka: "There you are, my beautiful friend! You don't need to worry. We won't harm you.

The poor dear looks sick. Thunderdrums are usually such vocal dragons but this one is silent.

Perhaps he is in need of exercise or a companion? I will need to examine him further. Will you go speak with Phlegma and see if she has any medicines that might help?"

2- Talk to Phlegma at the Lookout

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Phlegma: "Hmm. I've seen other dragons act like this before. Thornado must have an upset stomach! When a dragon gets an upset stomach, he can't use the furnace in his stomach to make fireballs.

A nice soothing mint tea will calm Thornado's stomach. Mint is great for soothing nausea, headaches, and indigestion. You'll find them in the wilderness!"

3- Collect mint leaves in the wilderness (5)

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Phlegma: "Perfect, kid!

Take these mint leaves to Heather and she can make a nice mint tea."

4- Talk to Heather

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Heather: "Here you go!"

Item: 1 Mint Tea

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Heather: "Give this to Valka to give to Thornado. It'll clear his sickness right up."

5- Bring the mint tea to Valka

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Valka: "That's a wonderful idea. Some mild mint tea will certainly do the trick. Fear not, I shall take good care of Thornado.

My thanks for your help, [Your Viking's Name]."