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!: "You notice mysterious footprints in the snow. Where do they go?"

1- Investigate the mysterious footprints

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!: "[Your Dragon's Name] sniffs the air uneasy.

The footprints go further into the woods."

2- Follow the footprints

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!: "A pack of Speed Stingers! They don't look happy with you and Sandstorm.

The Speed Stingers aren't backing down. Escape them by not letting them get too close to you as you run away!"

3- Escape from the Speed Stinger!

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!: "That was a close call!

Hiccup needs to know about the dangerous Speed Stinger pack."

4- Talk to Hiccup

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Hiccup: "Speed Stingers here in the arctic? That's amazing! I've encountered Speed Stingers before. Their stings can cause temporary paralysis that can take hours to wear off.

We'll now have to be more careful when we go back to study the pack. Now that you have experience with Speed Stingers, you can get up real close to observe them. It's the perfect opportunity to expand our knowledge on these dragons!"

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